What To Wear

During your WBC treatment, you are going to experience extremely cold temperatures, therefore ARC has mandatory requirements for apparel to be worn in the chamber.

You should arrive in or bring the following gym attire:

Men recommended: swimsuit or gym shorts, light T-shirt, socks or slippers, and gym shoes.

Women recommended: swimsuit, sports bra or shorts and light top, socks or slippers and gym shoes.

If you do not have socks or slippers, ARC will provide slippers or socks for your use in addition to a complimentary pair of gloves for your use while in the chamber. You will be provided ear muffs, headband or beanie to cover your ears, and a respiratory mask to cover your mouth and nose. We want to ensure that your experience is optimal, therefore we ask that your fingers, toes, nose and ears are covered to eliminate any potential safety issues.

Although this short duration of exposure would be safe without the protective wear, ARC requires that you wear these items for your protection and comfort to maximize the benefits of your experience. Cooling these small vessel areas is not vital to the systemic reaction you will receive from the whole body skin cooling.

Exercise that produces sweat or showering just prior to chamber treatment is not recommended. We ask that you do not apply lotions, oils, cologne or any alcohol based products just prior to treatment. Perspiration can be dried by towel wiping. Bringing a personal towel is suggested.

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